Tuesday, September 11, 2007

behind in life

I feel that I am really behind in a lot lately. However, I did find the time last night to join Twitter and YouTube. My Twitter name is gemini85 in case anyone is interested.

I also found out yesterday that my computer is too old to support UNI wireless! Hooray for having a laptop that is 4 years old...


Ms. Diva Poche' said...

I am sorry to here that you computer is "too old" and you can not get wireless. My computer is 3 years old so I guess I got lucky. I am happy to see that you have signed up for twitter. I think it is a fun database. All you do is tell people what you are doing at the moment. I dont want people to know my every move. Even though "big brother" is always watching.

Dr. Z said...

sorry about your computer. I have set Twitter to remind me if I haven't posted anything in 24 hours. Keeps me honest.

Now I just need to find a way for Blogger to remind me to blog.

play sudoku!